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1.1 Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE® Immersion Heaters
 1.1 Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE®
The heaters are suitable for direct heating of aggressive liquids by using chemically resistant materials in the immersion heater tubes and low installation measures....
1.1 Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE® with Anti-Burn-System  Immersion Heaters
 1.1 Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE® with Anti-Burn-System
Heaters with integrated Anti-Burn-System minimize the possibility of thermal damages to plants and tanks in the event of partial or complete loss of the liquid being heated....
1.1 Small Immersion Heaters ROTKAPPE® Small Immersion Heaters
 1.1 Small Immersion Heaters ROTKAPPE®
Small immersion heaters are mainly used in small plants and tanks, as well as in laboratories....
1.2 Angular Immersion Heaters ROTKAPPE® Angular Immersion Heaters
 1.2 Angular Immersion Heaters ROTKAPPE®
ROTKAPPE angular immersion heaters are the ideal method of direct heating for all containers with a low liquid level or high level fluctuation....
1.2 Storage Tank Heating Heaters
 1.2 Storage Tank Heating
Direct heating of liquids in storage tanks and containers efficiently prevents freezing, crystallizing out and thickening....
1.3 Cartridge Heaters CALOR Cartridge Heaters
 1.3 Cartridge Heaters CALOR
Cartridge heaters can be used under certain conditions for direct heating of smelting, steam and gas....
1.3 Screwed Rod Heaters ETTO Screwed Rod Heaters
 1.3 Screwed Rod Heaters ETTO
The screwed rod heaters are ideal for heating non-aggressive liquids in containers, machines and systems....
1.4 Flat Immersion Heater GALMAFLON Flat Immersion Heater
 1.4 Flat Immersion Heater GALMAFLON
The flat immersion heater GALMAFLON is specially designed for heating application with the need of space-saving installation of the heating equipment....
1.4 PTFE-Heating Rods GALMAFORM® PTFE Heating Rods
 1.4 PTFE-Heating Rods GALMAFORM®
GALMAFORM are especially designed as direct electric heaters for the use in plants and tanks where minimum physical size and excellent resistance to aggressive liquids are required....
1.5 Cylindrical Heater GALMATHERM®  FEP/PFA  Heater
 1.5 Cylindrical Heater GALMATHERM®
This cylindrical model permits the use of high power even in restricted spaces....
1.5 Heater GALMATHERM® FEP/PFA  Heater
 1.5 Heater GALMATHERM®
GALMATHERM heaters are designed for use in tanks where space is at a premium and heating capacities as well as good resistance are required....
4.2 Compact heating control system KHS Compact heating control system
 4.2 Compact heating control system KHS
In accordance with EN 60519 - 1/2 any electrically heated container must be equipped with a thermostat and a level monitoring system. It is, however, often not possible to integrate all necessary components into a large control cabinet....
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