Temperature limiter ETB 200

The ETB200 temperature limiter monitors the temperature of process liquids in systems to a set limit value. If this value is exceeded, the integrated relay (AC230 / 2A with fuse) switches to a safe operating state and the backlighting of the LC display changes from white to red.

The temperature sensor approved by TÜV in compliance with DINEN14597, in combination with our certified TF 24 – 160/ SMG00 -M temperature sensor, represents a standards-compliant temperature limitation system. The electronics have been tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with EN61326 and provide functional safety conforming to SIL 2 in accordance with EN61508. The Pt100 sensor element in 4-conductor technology is located in a flexible protective tube made from the fluoropolymer PFA with a diameter of 6mm and a nominal length of 1.6m. The small MG00 plastic housing (protection rating IP64) at the end of the PFA protective tube permits problem-free connection of a line. The maximum usage temperature of the temperature sensor is 200°C.

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