Сервис и консультации

For more than 80 years Mazurczak has ensured safe heating, cooling and control of aggressive liquids. Our experience enables us to advise you competently in all heating matters.

We either develop custom-made solutions for your needs or we use our well-proven ROTKAPPE product range. We can offer you the entire competitive range of products for the heating, cooling and controlling of your system.

Service form

We only use high quality materials and components in the manufacture of our products. Prior to dispatch we carry out a full and comprehensive inspection of all items.

However faults can occur, in this situation we would like to assist you promptly and efficiently. Please download the form and complete and return it.


Heat Demand Calculation

We offer you our computer-aided calculation for effective and efficient planning for heating your container or treatment equipment.

The result enables you to choose the optimum heating solution for your needs and will help you to plan cost-effectively.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

To fill-in all necessary information, please download the questionaire.

Heat Exchanger

In order to quickly design a plate heat exchanger, we need not only the heat demand calculation but also some supplementary information, which is included in the form for the dimensioning of the heat exchanger.

Please complete and return both questionnaires, Heat Demand Calculation and the form for the dimensioning of the heat exchanger.